The Meena Bazaar



Glance through the yards and yards of crude silks, rich cottons, pashminas, fleeces, cashmere, rugs and every single other sort of textures under the sun. This is simply the best spot to get some colorful keepsakes and presents for your friends and family back home. Just remember to wrangle hard and even leave to get the best costs.


The Meena Bazaar is an incredible spot where you will discover flawless Indian adornments, garments and other nearby Indian items. The Indian populace in Dubai is very earth shattering which clarifies the nearness of this market. The market likewise has two Hindu sanctuaries for the enthusiasts to visit. Aside from the typical shopping products, you can likewise locate some extraordinary gold shops in the territory. Meena Bazaar is currently synonymous with old-style shopping in Dubai.


4) Gold Souk


The gold souk in Dubai is one of the greatest gold markets on the planet. Here you will discover a wide range of gold adornments both customary and contemporary. Likewise, the obligation free shopping fills in as an extra what tops off an already good thing.


3) Perfume Souk


A treat to your faculties, the Perfume Souk offers you scented things like fragrances, incense sticks, fundamental oils and the customary oud, the aroma of Dubai. Arranged on the Sikkat Al Khail Road, Deira, this souk is a gathering of aroma shops which can be effectively come to by setting off toward the east of the Gold Souk.


Best Time to Travel to Dubai




A get-away excursion to Dubai focuses towards sun, sand, shoreline and shopping. The best time to go to the searing hot city is amid its cooler months for example in the middle of November and April, when the hot sun is very still and cool with blowing twists amid the nighttimes and evening. Regardless of whether you visit the city amid the remainder of the months you will discover the cooled inns, shopping centers and different buildings all around prepared to effectively keep off the warmth.


Overall, the visitor season helps up in the middle of November and April when the temperatures are in the middle of 24-35ºC (75-95ºF), keeping the nighttimes warm and evenings chill. Long stretches of November, December, January and February watch delicate breeze where the mercury goes down nearly up to 13ºC (55.5ºF). In like manner, you can enjoy the downpour in the event that you will in general visit the city some place in the middle of December and March.



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