Arab Applications Company is looking for a full or part-time employee to work remotely to manage several responsibilities in: Digital content management and customer care 

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Manage Instagram accounts 
  • Upload photos and posters to social media
  • Interact together the comments of your followers
  • Periodically renew the content of the accounts
  • Interact together DirectX and respond to inquiries
  • Upload interactive videos on how to use the apps (requires an iPhone)
  • Preparing and uploading ads on Instagram
  • Manage the company WhatsApp
  • Responding to customer inquiries
  • Store customer numbers
  • Preparing and uploading advertisements
  • Website management
  • Update content based on the president's requests
  • Add new pages and content
  • Writing technical articles
  • Email management:
  • Responding to customer emails
  • Case creation for customer problems that require a technical solution
  • Send advertising messages to postal groups
  • Store customer mail in the CRM system
  • Manage customer feedback reviews on the AppStore
  • Collecting and legalizing content from the Internet
  • Image preparation, resizing, and thumbnails work

Job qualifications: 

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • 1-3 years experience in the field of technology, applications and social communication
  • Fluency in Arabic and English
  • Experience in managing social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Experience in responding and communicating with clients through e-mail and other digital channels
  • Tact and professional
  • Professionalism in the use of computers and experience in using the Mac is preferred

Working conditions:

  • Availability of a fast and modern PC and preferably a Mac with a cam 
  • Provides strong, fast, continuous and secure internet
  • Provides all necessary tools to participate in remote meetings (microphone, cam, etc.)
  • Provides a personal private office for remote work
  • Commitment to working time
  • We work 9 hours a day
  • Availability of a private bank account (for salary transfer)

To apply, please send your CV with a Skype Number for contact!

[email protected]