Pictures and backgrounds of management and business

Photo Management and Business is a photo writing application that contains a wide range of different classifications of images and backgrounds that you can use to create attractive image designs and write on them with distinctive fonts in Arabic or English. Within the program there is writing on […]


Saudi Salary Application | When the government salaries will be paid

The salary time application is a program that helps the Saudi citizen, an employee or student, whether in the government or private sector, to know when the financial dues (salaries or bonuses) are due. The program also notifies you of important news for these sectors.


Your First App on the App Store - Learn Now

The experience of implementing the first application is a unique experience and you will feel happy when you see your first application, made by your own hands, available on the App Store. Feeling indescribably wonderful, you will feel perfect self-pride!


Casper anti-ads: remove ads and media, super fast browsing

The most powerful and comprehensive Safari ad blocker in the App Store. Casper anti-ads job is to BLOCK all ads in your browsers to make it faster and to save on your data plan and […]


The opening of the Arabab site

Thank God, the official website of Arabab Company was opened on February 11, 2017. The site contains an integrated display of our distinctive applications officially presented on the Google Play Store and the Apple Appstore.


Casper: remove ads and media and speed up internet browsing

Casper: an Arabic program officially authorized by Apple to delete ads from the browser and speed up the opening of websites. A very important program for all iPhone users, hurry to get it, delete all ads from the Safari browser !!! The only Arab program […]