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برنامج كتابة على الصور للأندرويد

نسخة برنامج كتابة على الصور لنظام الأندرويد مفاجأة جديدة من برنامج كتابة على الصور لعملاء نظام الأندرويد, تم اصدار اول نسخة من البرنامج على google play تستطيع الأن تحميل البرنامج على الهاتف ذو نظام اندرويد […]


Currency exchange application | International currency rates

The most powerful and best global currency converter app with more than 175 currencies that work offline and live! Simply select your base currency and see its value compared to the world's currencies. There is no limit to the number of currencies you can add and match to your coin list! The flags of the countries in which they are used! This application is suitable for travel as it will enable you to know the exchange rate simply and compare the prices in your local currency. Prices are updated every hour and minutes, and you can use the application without the Internet.


Apusrual and Fnila, the mission is impossible

That is, yes, I am Abusrual and Tnila, that is, yes, I do not know which mission and why I am not in it, but the mission is impossible. The stages are difficult, difficult, difficult, as often as I repeat them, I will not fulfill. I am writing to you from here and appealed to you in Arabic, […]