Draw on pictures

The best and easiest free Arabic application for drawing and writing on pictures, and publishing them directly and easily to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapGate and others. A very interesting program that supports the Arabic and English languages. You can write and change the font (lines [...)


Arabic calligrapher

Arabic Calligraphy is the best free Arabic application that enables you to write on pictures by using a wide range of English and Arabic fonts such as Andalusian calligraphy, Persian, Thuluth calligraphy and other attractive and wonderful fonts. […]


Casper: remove ads and media and speed up internet browsing

Casper: an Arabic program officially authorized by Apple to delete ads from the browser and speed up the opening of websites. A very important program for all iPhone users, hurry to get it, delete all ads from the Safari browser !!! The only Arab program […]


Writing on Pictures - Designing Pictures

The best and easiest free photo writing app for writing on photos and posting them directly and easily to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapjat and others. An image writing application that allows you to choose an image from […]