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Photo writing program

Arabic calligraphy application and designing better and easier pictures Free Arabic application for writing on pictures in Arabic fonts and publishing them directly and easily to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Twitter in an easy way, quickly. Writing on pictures program […]


Update "Write on Pictures" application to support iPhone X

تم بعون الله اصدار النسخد الجديدة الداعمد للايفون اكس الجديد iphone x. كما تم اصلاح مجموعة من الاخطاء المشاكل التي ابلغنا بها عملائنا الافاضل. تفضلو بتحميل النسخة الجديدة الآن: افضل واسهل تطبيق […]


“Samba” decides to spend its high cost of living allowance for its employees and bear the value-added tax

Issa Al-Issa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Samba Financial Group, announced that the group decided to disburse a cost-of-living allowance for the group's employees, and bear the value-added tax and loan fees for its clients from our brave soldiers at the southern border, in line with the orders […]


Writing application on pictures to add Arabic texts to pictures - very special and free!

Although pictures express thousands of words, words have an important place, we usually need to comment on important pictures, write ideas over them, but many do not know an appropriate way for this, for this we have today an Arabic application that specializes in writing on pictures with great advantages.