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Historical wallpapers and photos

 History and Civilizations A new and distinct set of historical images and backgrounds of a civilized and historical nature, can take you on a journey through time and return to the ancient past. This new classification of images has been added within the application [...]


Latest updates on writing program on pictures

As we have always promised you in the application of writing on pictures to make updates and continuous development of the program and to provide everything new, we are pleased to offer you a set of new additions within the application in order to provide our customers with more advantages and capabilities [...]


Pictures and wallpapers of gold and silver

Pictures and designs in gold and silver, a group of the finest and most beautiful pictures and backgrounds with good taste, images of golden and silver colors that give the design a special elegance within the application of writing on pictures. This category of images is […]


Pictures and backgrounds of summer and sea

Tropical pictures Enjoy the most beautiful collection of attractive and refreshing summer pictures that give a feeling of calm and comfort within the application of writing on pictures. Choose your favorite picture and write the sentences and phrases you want in an easy and attractive way [...]


Pictures and wallpapers of coffee

Attractive new collection of images and backgrounds
For coffee lovers, the spirit of optimism and enthusiasm springs into the photo writing app


Design cards and greeting cards

Download now a collection of the most beautiful pictures and backgrounds of flowers and roses and design greeting and greeting cards in the easiest way by using a photo writing program


Currency exchange application | International currency rates

The most powerful and best global currency converter app with more than 175 currencies that work offline and live! Simply select your base currency and see its value compared to the world's currencies. There is no limit to the number of currencies you can add and match to your coin list! The flags of the countries in which they are used! This application is suitable for travel as it will enable you to know the exchange rate simply and compare the prices in your local currency. Prices are updated every hour and minutes, and you can use the application without the Internet.


Photo writing program

Arabic calligraphy application and designing better and easier pictures Free Arabic application for writing on pictures in Arabic fonts and publishing them directly and easily to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Twitter in an easy way, quickly. Writing on pictures program […]